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What is Dirt | Pixels | AIR?

It’s organic.

It’s digital.

It’s about ideas.

I’ve always been focused on art and aesthetics, as a practicing painter and photographer- having studied at the Museum School in Boston (BFA) and at Bard College (MFA). So yeah, I’ve hung my paintings in galleries and museums, and know a bit about the art world.

I think where my story gets interesting is in the technology, design, and marketing space. I started working with Macintosh computers back around 1985, figuring out the Mac Plus and stuff like that, selling computer solutions to get through school and to support my addiction to Liquin, encaustic, and Dorlan’s wax medium. In the years that followed, I’ve learned A LOT about bits and bytes, digital photography, Photoshop, and other tech tools. In fact, I’ve written 15 mainstream books on Digital Design and Adobe Photoshop.

I moved into the working world as my family grew…I’m currently working as a Creative Director in the Social Commerce group for Sears Holdings here in Chicago, and have worked for top global brands and agencies such as AOL Time Warner, Coldwater Creek, and Razorfish. Thus, my knowledge of digital design as business, marketing, and brand development also grew.

This blog looks to mark the points of convergence between the three categories. How do they influence each other? Where are the points of overlap? Make no mistake though, I’m a fine artist at heart, still working in my studio, blending painting, pixels, and other media bits into some form of expression that makes sense to me.

In the end, it’s all commercial, it’s all aesthetic, and it’s all personal.

Dirt | Pixels| AIR