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A Must-read for Canon Owners

If you’re a current Canon customer, you need to know about the Canon Loyalty program that provides steep discounts for refurbished Canon products. At first I was just gong to tweet this, but seeing that Canon makes it pretty hard to find any details, I decided to do a quick blogpost on it…

href=””>My trusty Powershot G7 finally gave up the ghost, after four  fruitful years of being lugged around in my backpack and coat pocket, boldly going where my Nikon D3 system could only dream of. Initially I explored other cameras, like the Olympus Pen series, some of the Lumix models, and other four-thirds cameras, seeing if I could improve image quality while maintaining the portable flexibility that’s at the heart of Powershot G series. Problem was, everything I looked at was significantly higher in price.

Sooo…when Canon’s upgrade program offered me a model upgrade and a reduced price, I liked what I saw. If you’re using a higher-end Canon model you can get a Powershot sx10is, G10, or Rebel SS kit for a steal (there may be other models, those are just the ones I could get given my G7 history). I replaced my G7 with a G10 for just $249 (sold at B&H for $449). The Rebel SS with a 18-55 lens was  $359, and the sx10 was just $199. I’m sure prices change over time, so don’t hold me to the particulars.

This deal isn’t advertised, and you have to call Canon customer support at 866-443-8002 to get started. You’ll need to provide the serial number off your current digital camera in order to qualify. Each refurbished camera comes with a 90 day warranty.