Quickpick- Corey Arnold, Gulf Crossing

Corey Arnold Gulf Crossing, 2008 30 x 40 Inches , C-print edition of 6

I’m a sucker for abstract wave photography, so this image stopped me dead in my tracks. I’ve shot many examples in my own work, but unfortunately (fortunately?) I’ve never been on a fishing trawler out as sea with huge 50 ft waves about to crash down on my head.

Great craft + Dramatic scenario= Stunning result.

You gotta click through to see this image full size. You just gotta.

View more of Corey Arnold’s work here, or contact the Richard Heller Gallery for more details.

    • Mark
    • February 11th, 2010

    Looking at the larger view of this, and marveling at the levels of depth and color and spume in the water, I wonder if we will ever be able to virtually re-create such glorious randomness and natural beauty. I’ve seen great animated CGI water, but I doubt anyone has tried to render anything of this magnitude and fine detail. (OK, how often do you get the chance to use the word “spume”?)

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